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Life-Jacket Covers (Pinnies)
Click here to view the Pinnie Style Guide Full which will give you ideas on style and colors.
sailing pinnies

Lifejacket covers better known as pinnies have become a hot item at STOUTgear. The stretchable lifejacket covers were originally used by high level dingy and skiff sailors to stop their lifejackets from snagging anything while performing maneuvers. The stretchy fabric fit well over lifejackets without restricting movement. Due to the mandatory lifejacket use in many dingy classes it’s no surprise that these pinnies spread quickly throughout the college, high school, and junior sailing scenes.

Today, they have become the equivalent of a jersey for sailing teams to wear while competing and we are becoming experts on the subject. Our pinnies can be dye sublimated with any logo printed on a variety of colors. Need names and numbers? Ask about our reasonable pricing for individual customization to make your sailing team really stand out. Of course we have them available in three standard lifejacket sizes: Youth, SM/MD, and LG/XL.

With so many pro’s, why not get your team some pinnies today? Give us a call and ask for a quote today!

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