Caps & Hats

Caps and hats fall into three categories, stock, manufactures stock, and custom offshore.

Preferred Caps and Hat vendors
Fahrenheit Caps
Carolina Cap
Cap selection 1
Cap selection 2
Theme oriented hats

Stock: these are the hats constructed primarily offshore and imported by the big distribution warehouses like t-shirts and polos. We order in appropriate colors and do the branding at local shops. Generally, this is the way to go for low volume orders.

Manufacturers stock: These companies either have their own factories offshore or work with offshore factories to supply caps to their own specifications for fit, materials, styling, and colors. These are imported in bulk and can often be branded in-house by the importer. For the reason that the importer is then making some margin off the hat, and some on the branding, a cost savings can be realized.

Custom offshore: Often working with the same companies that have the manufacturers stock, the products come complete with branding directly from the factory. With larger orders, a significant cost savings can be realized.

Please contact a STOUTgear sales rep for the program that would best fulfill your needs.

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