STOUTgear is based in Annapolis, Maryland.

STOUTgear was started in the year 2000 by Alex Stout with his wife, Lorie, joining shortly thereafter. Having come from the production / supply side of the industry, it was an easy transition to the sales side. With our production experience, we know what details are required to help our customers procure the items needed, with as little effort as possible on their behalf.

Our customer base is very diverse, working with major corporations and start up businesses, local clubs and family reunions, universities and elementary schools; we’re dedicated to helping our customers experience the best the industry has to offer.

Roughly half of the business dollar volume is in corporate sportswear and team gear, with the balance being a diverse array of “anything that can get a logo”. Waterford crystal to paper cups, Mont Blanc to Bic pens, candy bars to blimps, if it can be printed, embroidered, screened, or sublimated, we are your source.

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